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 Blake Devin

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Blake Devin

Blake Devin

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PostSubject: Blake Devin   Blake Devin EmptySun Feb 12, 2012 10:22 pm

Name: Blake Devin
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 11.01.94
Place of Birth: England
Nicknames: Blay, Dark one
Gender: Male

Occupation: student

Hair Colour: black

Eye Colour: green

Height: 6"

Weight: huh?

Appearance: long black hair, layered messily, bright green eyes, pale skin

Blake is generally friendly and a nice guy to be around.

Likes: dueling, cards

Dislikes: people who think they're better than somebody because of their wealth *cough*most Obelisks*cough*

Fears: loosing his cards, being unable to duel

Strengths: dueling

Weaknesses: --

Blake had a simple upbringing, born and raised in England, his parents divorced when he was young so he had to live with his father while growing up. That's when he found a love for dueling, he'd duel everyday no matter where he was, he used it as a way to get his mind off things, still does. That was until he started using a Dark Hero deck, the first time he'd communicated with a duel spirit, the duel spirit demanded it needed his body for something it wouldn't tell him, it tried to but Blake fought it off, ever since he had no experience with this card, not yet.

Be a pro duelist

Underworld deck

Dueling Experience:
dueling since child
dueled many others
enjoys dueling

Preferred Dorm (this cannot be guaranteed and does not apply to teachers):
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Blake Devin
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