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 Luke Jameson

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Luke Jameson

Luke Jameson

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PostSubject: Luke Jameson   Luke Jameson EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 3:10 am

Name: Luke Andreas Jameson
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 1st, September
Place of Birth: Yorkshire, England
Nicknames: none yet
Gender: male

Occupation: student

Hair Colour: black

Eye Colour: blue

Height: 5'11

Weight: 5ft 11in/180cm

Appearance: black layered hair, usually black clothing and his dorm jacket

Luke can be over confident at times, but that is usually only when another duelist thinks they can easily beat him, which of course is false. He’s friendly and usually a fun guy to be around, that’s if you’re his friend. He can be quite dark and very mysterious at times, he can sometimes loose himself in a duel and become overpowered by the need to win and prove himself, he also likes to pay no attention to guidance or teachers. He doesn't like to be proven wrong, he is always right in his eyes, and he always wins.

Likes: dueling, music

Dislikes: his brother, homework

Fears: failing, loosing

Strengths: confidence, dueling

Weaknesses: over confidence, loosing track of his true goals, not paying attention when people try to help him

Luke had a casual upbringing in England, his mother died when he was five years old due to unknown circumstances and if he ever dare try to ask his father why he would face his cards getting taken away from him. He started dueling with school friends at the age of six, he saw it as a way to get away from his over confident brother who had a guarantee of going straight into the dueling industry due to his father's connections. Once Luke had hit his teens, he had to deal with being the non favourited son, because his brother was already heading into professional dueling and so he came to duel academy.

to become a known duelist like his brother

zombie deck

Dueling Experience:
11 years of dueling
older brother is a professional duelist
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Luke Jameson
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