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 Rules For My Class

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Dr. Crowler

Dr. Crowler

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Rules For My Class Empty
PostSubject: Rules For My Class   Rules For My Class EmptySat Jan 07, 2012 6:26 am

You will obey my rules otherwise there will be severe punishments.

1. When I am talking, you do NOT!
2. You will listen to me at all times and answer me when asked to.
3. You will hand in your homework to me, no excuses.
4. You will listen to other students when they share their answers, yes, even if it’s a Slifer speaking.
5. Pay attention! The only person who can truly help you further your dueling skills is yourself, it will be your own fault if you don’t.
6. No fighting after you Slackers loose a game.

That will be all , for now.

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Rules For My Class
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