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 Maya Kaito

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Maya Kaito

Maya Kaito

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PostSubject: Maya Kaito   Maya Kaito EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 11:51 pm

Name: Maya Kaito
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 11. November 1995
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Nicknames: Maya
Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Hair Colour: Light brown

Eye Colour: Light blue

Height: 6"1

Weight: 110 lbs


Personality: Maya is a gentle soul, though she can get angry at times. She likes to tease people in a friendly way. She developed a love for dueling due to her friendly duels with her friends. If someone insults or bullies her friends, she is quick to defend them. She is somewhat of peaceful nature and she likes to daydream. In her free time, she likes to draw pictures of cards and read books. She can be a bit rash and stubborn at times, but she cares for all her friends.
Her friends

Mean behaviour
Baked beans

Any form of Shadow Games

Dueling skills

Sudden anger eruptions
Fear of Shadow Games

Maya first started dueling when she was six years old. Her first deck were fairy-type monsters, but that deck wasn't compatible with her feelings. Soon after she abandoned her fairies, she met her duel spirit, Lyna the Light Charmer. She began collecting Charmer cards and Charmer support cards. In a few weeks, she had a full Charmer deck. She began dueling for fun and eventually enrolled into duel academy in order to continue dueling and become a dueling professional someday.
Goals: Becoming a professional duelist

Deck: Charmers

Duelling Experience: Maya was dueling since she was six years old
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Maya Kaito
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