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 Alexis Rhodes

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Alexis Rhodes

Alexis Rhodes

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PostSubject: Alexis Rhodes   Alexis Rhodes EmptySat Dec 24, 2011 9:28 am

Name: Alexis Rhodes
Age: 15 years old
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Female

Occupation: N/A

Hair Colour: Dark Blonde

Eye Colour: Light Brown

Height: 5"0

Weight:110 lbs


Alexis is generally very confident, brave and strong willed. She has many times put herself in danger to help her friends. She does have strong confidence in her dueling skills, but she does not act vain. Alexis also tends to act quiet and reserved.

Cyber Girls
Her Friends
Getting Along With Others

The Attitude of Most Other Obelisk Blue Students
Being Seen as Just a “Female”
Never Finding Her Brother
Loosing Her Friends

Not Arrogant or Stuck-Up Like Other Obelisk Blue Students
Forceful Personality
A Well-Balanced Deck
Considered “Queen of Duel Academia”
Considered Beautiful

Deck Relies on Ritual and Fusion Monsters
Deck Lacks Hard-Hitters
Can Be Stubborn
Can be Overfocused on a Single Task

Her childhood was spent living in a home by the coast. Her older brother Atticus was a local star, surfing his way through contests and the local girls crushes. Still, even with his love of being in the spotlight, the two of them were very close as brother and sister. Whenever she wished to duel with him, Atticus would make the time to do so. Their favorite spot to duel would be a tree in the yard, which overlooked the sea. There was also a swing there, and whenever they weren’t dueling, he would push her on it. Swinging and dueling; no matter what fights the two of them would get into (and with Atticus’ personality, they could come often), the two of them would always end up reuniting over those two things. As a sign of these memories, the card “Swing of Memories” became a family card, and a sign of their bond.

Of course, her brother had a goal of being a star, and while he was being seen as the local surfing prodigy, he thought being a pop star would a faster route to stardom. Seeing as his sister was considered one of the cutest girls in town (well, the elementary school kind of cute), he decided to draft her into the project as the backup singer and dancer to the group. Alexis joined in, but the band would end up being short lived. During a ‘practice session’, Alexis ended up tripping on some of the wires, and in the resulting fall she hurt her ankle badly, and could no longer dance till it healed. During that time, however, her brother, both as an apology and a slightly hinting that he wanted her to keep dancing, brought Alexis the Cyber Girl cards that would eventually become her standard deck. The two continued to duel, but after her recovery, Alexis declined to continue on with her brother’s pop stardom. Instead, she wanted to go into professional dueling.

Sadly for her, at the time there was a lack of many noticeable female duelists that were professional. There were few, but many times they just as focused on providing fanservice as they were with actual dueling. In middle school, where Alexis fully worked towards professional dueling, Alexis found that most people came to watch her duels not because of her skills, but for the novelty of a female duelist (and maybe some more perverted reasons). Since this was the time that puberty was starting to run its course, and Asuka found herself developing nicely, this soon grew to be an annoyance. However, over time more and more people began to watch her for the actual duels and not just the novelty. Still, that period of time has made Alexis very focused on making sure people recognize her skills in dueling…and why she rarely ever wants to place an emphasis on her figure.

In her last year of middle school, her brother made his way into Duel Academy, wanting to combine both pop stardom with dueling to create a dueling band of some sorts (again, Alexis declined offers to join). She was proud of her brother succeeding in getting into Obelisk Blue in his first year, and hoped to repeat the feat in her own year. Everything seemed to be going well….until the dorm that her brother was known to visit became the Abandoned Dorm of legend at Duel Academy. It is not know what happened at the dorm, but only that whatever happened, several students disappeared. One of them was her brother, and Alexis was devastated at the news. She eagerly awaited any information she could about her brother from the school, but no info ever came. While she wanted to be recognized as a duelist, she now had another reason to attend the school; to find any and all info she could on the Abandoned Dorm.

Eventually, the day of the Duel Academy Exams arrived. There, Alexis met someone who would become her greatest ally in searching for her brother; her brother’s friend Zane Trusedale of Obelisk Blue. Alexis was at first a little put off by his colder personality (wondering how he dealt with Atticus), but eventually warmed up to the older boy by the time that she was done with the exams. During the practical part of the exam, Alexis showed a mastery of her Cyber Girls, defeating the examiner quickly and efficiently in a manner that soon had her promoted to Obelisk Blue. A combination of things soon had her become installed as the “Queen of Duel Academy”. First, there was a residual popularity from her brother. Second, her wonderful performance in the exams secured her a spot as a top duelist. Finally, she was rather popular with the guys, both because of her looks (much to her annoyance) and her skills as a duelist. Still, she found herself a bit distant from the other Obelisk, mostly because she did not share their inherent sense of superiority over the other students. This made her rather popular with the lower dorms as well.

Now on Duel Academy, Alexis is determined to not only prove her worth as a duelist, but to also solve the mystery of her brother’s disappearance. She just hopes she’ll solve it in time, and that wherever he is alive he is safe and alive.

Be Recognized As A Duelist
To Find Her Lost Brother
Improve Her Dueling Skill

'Cyber girl' deck

Duelling Experience:
Dueling from a young age
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Alexis Rhodes
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