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 Read: The Rules

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Read: The Rules Empty
PostSubject: Read: The Rules   Read: The Rules EmptyMon Dec 19, 2011 1:46 am

Though rules are boring these are needed and you're expected to follow and understand them.

1. Make your posts at least a line or two long, we don't expect you to count every line and we understand it's hard to think of something epic to put sometimes but it will make RPing more fun and the person you're replying to have something to reply to.

2. No bullying. No swearing or physical violence, unless it is how your character behaves naturally but make sure to warn the person you're RPing with or write an OOC comment to let them know.

3. Your username should be your characters first and last name. e.g. John Smith

4. Treat others how you would wish to be treated yourself even in the OOC forum.

5. Try and post as often as you can, it's no use posting once and leaving the person you were RPing with for two weeks or so, once a week is okay.

6. No Mary Sueing or God Modelling, be realistic and stay true to your character if playing a canon, if your cannon sucks at duelling I'm afraid that's how you'll have to play but of course they develop over time, play as your character would not you, unless your character is modelled on you.

7. Have fun and be creative:)

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Read: The Rules
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