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 Ryuu Takahashi

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Ryuu Takahashi


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PostSubject: Ryuu Takahashi   Sat Dec 24, 2011 5:43 am

Name: Ryuu Takahashi
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 15, August
Place of Birth: Tokyo
Nicknames: Ry
Gender: male

Occupation: student at Duel Academy

Hair Colour: brown

Eye Colour: dark Brown

Height: 5"5

Weight: n/a

Appearance: layered brown hair, choppy

Ryuu is quiet and can be extremely shy at times, he will get nervous when asked to duel, he has difficulty presenting himself to a duel due to having weak confidence with his cards. He can duel well but doesn't give himself enough credit for it. He pays attention in class as much as he can and if failing will be determined to boost his grades.

Likes: duelling

Dislikes: people, loud noises

Fears: duelling in front of people

Strengths: duelling

Weaknesses: lack of confidence

Ryuu's parents were good duellists, his father disappeared when he was young, his mother encouraged him to attend duel academy.

To be able to duel around people

Machine deck

Duelling Experience:
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Ryuu Takahashi
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